What is mold removal?
Mold removal is the process of cleanup and elimination of mold from an indoor or an outdoor environment, such as a business or a home.
For mode removal and inspection, please call us at the number (347-269-0883) 24 hours a day.

What makes mold grow?
Mold enters your business or home as tiny spores. The spores require moisture activate growth, destroying, and digesting. Mold grow on surfaces such as wood, carpet, ceiling tiles, paints, sheet rock, insulation, etc. Mold growth grows best in the exposure of a lot of moisture; you can control mold growth by maintaining dryness in your business or home.
How does mold grow?
Mold requires water, nutrients, favorable temperatures, and oxygen to thrive. Nutrients exist in dead organic matters as well as synthetic products such as adhesives and paints. Moisture can be obtained from moist air especially when the levels of relative humidity are way above 70 percent. Also, mold flourishes at normal indoor temperatures.
How long does the mold remediation process take?
The time it takes for the mold remediation process exclusively depends on various factors such as where the mold is growing, how much mold is existing, and the materials it grows on.
If you still have any question about the mold remediation process, don’t hesitate to call us.
Are you qualified to ensure professional mold remediation?
Queens Mold Removal and Inspection is certified by the IICRC, having licensed and qualified Technicians at our disposal. For additional Information about the Queens Mold Removal and Inspection, please feel free to communicate to us via our email support or call us.